The Mastercard® Debit Card

Whether you need a debit card or an ATM card, this card works for you, wherever the Mastercard® logo is displayed. Look at these advantages. Do you have one? Call or drop by the credit union to request your Mastercard®  Debit Card.


To reset your PIN: call 866-985-2273
For security reasons, you must be calling from the home phone number we have on file for you. You will be asked for the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number and after pressing “1”, you will be prompted to select a 4-digit PIN, which will be available for immediate use.


Debit Card FAQs

What Can I Do With My Debit Card?

Use it as you would a check at merchants and vendors wherever you see the Mastercard® logo. You avoid hassles over ID, and since it’s a card there is no check to write. Use it when making purchases, making reservations, paying for hotel and motel rooms, shopping by phone, or for any other reason that you would use a check. Use it as an ATM Card to withdraw money at ATMs everywhere. You can also use it to verify your account balances, make deposits, and transfer money.

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How Do I Use my EMV Chip Card?

If the terminal you are using is EMV chip-enabled, insert your card “chip first” into the terminal and follow prompts. You can go to the EMV section of our website to learn more.

If the terminal you are using is not EMV chip-enabled, swipe your card – just like your did with your old magnetic-stripe card.

If you don’t know if terminal is EMV chip-enabled, swipe your card and you will be prompted to insert it if terminal is EMV chip-enabled.

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What Are The Benefits Of Having A Debit Card?

  • It’s Safe
    No cash to carry or lose.
  • It’s Free
    There’s NO cost to sign-up. Your card is FREE!
  • Worldwide Acceptance
    It is accepted wherever MasterCard is accepted.
  • No Interest
    You can use as you would a credit card, but since the money is taken from your Share Draft/Checking Account, there’s no interest to pay.
  • Confidential Account Access
    You will be assigned a confidential Personal Identification Number (PIN). With your PIN and your Debit card, you can access any ATM network location with the CO-OP, NYCE, Cirrus, or Exchange symbols. Remember to memorize or keep your PIN in a secure place separate from your card to prevent unauthorized access to your Credit Union accounts.
  • Automatically Easy-To-Use
    Our network automated teller machines guide you step-by-step through your financial transaction or balance inquiry. Simply read the instructions posted on the ATM. You’ll make simple choices from a list and then enter the appropriate number for the transaction or inquiry. It’s that easy!
  • Easy-To-Track Monthly Statement
    Your debit card activity is clearly indicated on your monthly statement, included with your other account activity. This information is also available 24/7 through It’s Me 247 or via Artie, our Audio Response Teller.
  • The Perfect Combination
    Enjoy the perfect combination of Credit Union services. Use your Debit Card to access your METRO Checking and other Credit Union accounts. If you don’t have a checking account, contact the Credit Union. Take advantage of our Share Draft NO FEE BCA Checking or consider our HIFI Checking which offers progressive high-yield dividends (interest) starting with an average balance above $500.00. Many members choose both!

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What Are The Service Charges?

ATM/Debit Fees
Issue Initial CardFree
ATM Transaction Charge
Initial 6 Per MonthFree
More Than 6$1 Per Transaction
Inquiries$0.75 each
Replacement Card Or PIN$10
Maximum Withdrawals Per Day$600
Monthly Service Feenone
NSF Fee$25
Annual Feenone
Over Credit Limit Feenone
Point of Sale (PIN based)
Up to 10/MonthFree
Per Item in excess of
Signature Based (non-PIN) Transaction ChargeFree

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Where can I find an ATM?

For a complete list of ATM locations
check out these ATM site locators:

Your credit union participates in these networks. While many of these groups encourage offering surcharge-free ATMs to members of participating credit unions, we cannot guarantee that you will not be charged a surcharge for transactions performed at the listed location.

National and Worldwide ATM Locators:

Co-Op ATM logoNo Surcharge ATMs

Alliance One

MasterCard Cirrus