Personal Loans

Personal Loans

Signature Loan

This loan is one of the most popular member loans because it can be
used to solve a variety of money problems. Use this great loan
to consolidate your outstanding bills and lower your interest rate
and monthly payments.

With our Signature/Personal Loan, you  can borrow up to $15,000
for up to 5 years at a great low rate.
Take a vacation, buy a computer, fix the car, consolidate debts,
you name it! This unsecured consumer loan option offers a low variable
rate, based on your credit history.

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Signature Line-Of-Credit

A Signature Line of Credit is a very convenient loan option for
emergencies, overdraft protection, or other needs.

Your signature and credit worthiness is all you need to borrow
up to $15,000 with this variable rate,
revolving line-of-credit. Your Line of Credit has a set amount that
is available to you. You can then draw on this line as you need
it. No re-applying or re-approval. It’s ready when you need it for
unexpected expenses or needs.

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Pledged Regular Certificates/Shares

Your strong commitment to savings can provide you with the security
you need for a loan or to establish or re-establish a good credit

With the accumulated funds in your savings accounts, you can apply
for a loan. Borrow up to 100% of the total balance in your Regular
Share Savings account with a fixed or variable rate
loan for up to 10 years. No need to take the money out; use it to
secure the funds that you need while you continue to earn dividends.

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MasterCardMastercard Credit Card

Our low interest Mastercard Credit Card gives you an affordable
credit card advantage!

Use it for shopping, travel, emergencies, and more. Take advantage
of the savings and convenience it offers when you need instant borrowing

  • NO Annual Fee
  • 25-Day Grace Period On Purchases
  • Cash Advances Available
  • And More!

Plus, transfer your high interest card balances to save more money

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