Fee Schedule

General Services
Membership Fee (initial $5 Share deposit required)FREE
Early Closure (within 6 months of opening)$10.00
Monthly/Quarterly StatementFREE
Payroll DeductionFREE
Address Correction
Member AdviceFREE
Post Office Advice$3.00
Credit Union Search$5.00
Transaction Services
Mail DepositsFREE
Telephone TransfersFREE
Artie and It's Me 247FREE
Overdraft transfer from savings$3.00
Overdraft transfer/ multiple accounts$6.00
Overdraft transfer from loanFREE
Automatic loan payment transferFREE
Member Service Rep Assisted (up to 4/month)FREE
Member Service Rep Assisted Per transfer in excess of 4/month$1.00
Foreign Check Deposit (currency other than USD)$18.00
Teller Transactions
Up to 5/monthFREE
Per item in excess of 5/month$1.00
Official Check$3.00
Money Order$2.00
Debit/ATM Transactions
Up to 6/monthFREE
Per item in excess of 6/month$1.00
Balance Inquiries$0.75
Point of Sale Transactions (POS)
Up to 10/monthFREE
Per item in excess of 10/month$0.50
Signature Based ("Credit"/ non-PIN) TransactionsFREE
Plastics (Cards)
Initial card & PINFREE
Replacement Card$10.00
Replacement PINFREE
Account Services
Funds wired to U.S. Bank/CU$20.00
Funds wired internationally$45.00
Credit Union Official Check$5.00
Paid Share Draft$3.00
Account Statements
Less Than 90 days old$1.00/page
More Than 90 days old$3.00/page
Miscellaneous Items
Return Deposit Check(your own)$25.00
Return Deposit Check(from another party)$10.00
Dormant Account (per month)$2.00
Starter/Temporary Checks (After First Order)$2.00/four
Stop Payment$25.00
Returned Check (NSF, etc.)$25.00
NSF Non-Return Item$25.00
Check Printing Costs (Fee Based on Style Ordered)Actual Cost
HIFI Checking Below Minimum (Minimum Balance is $100.00)$2.00
Money Market Below Minimum (Minimum Balance is $500.00)$5.00
Annual Mastercard® FeeFREE
LoanLiner Application FeeFREE
Levies, Garnishments, Subpoenas, or Restraining Notices$50.00
Account History (interim statement)$8.00
Account Research and Account Reconciliation$25.00/hour
(1/2 hour minimum) plus photocopies.

Other Information

The maximum cash withdrawal per day is limited to $1,000.00 per day at all branch locations. Limited exceptions are possible when arranged in advance with member services manager.

All items deposited at the credit union are accepted subject to collection

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