Mastercard® Electronic Statements


You can now sign up to receive your Mastercard® statements electronically as well as view them online.

Here’s How:

  • From our website,, go to View Mastercard Account Information, (in Quick Links section) and you will be directed to a log in page to register.
  • Once in, you’ll click on the Statement & Activity Tab at the top of the page and choose “Go Paperless.” Select the appropriate card from the drop-down if applicable.
  • Click the “Edit” to change your “Home email address” if applicable. The email address must be a valid address where you can readily receive messages.
  • Click “I Accept the Terms” and click “Submit.”girl at computerReceive the Enrollment Confirmation Notification email message within one business day to the registered email address. You might receive paper statements for up to 2 months depending on when you enrolled.

When your Mastercard e-Statement is ready (within 2 days after Statement closing date):

  • You will receive your Statement Ready Notification at your “Home email address.” Please check your spam/junk mail if you do not receive it.
  • Log in to your Mastercard Credit Account and click “View Statements” from “Statements & Activity” navigation menu.
  • In the View Statements panel, click the link for the statement.
  • Your e-Statements will open as a PDF file (Adobe Reader required).
  • From here you can view, print or download your Mastercard Statements!

Wait! If You Use “It’s Me 247”

If you are already accessing your Greater Metro accounts using “It’s Me” online banking, please read “Single Sign-On” instructions. You will be able to view Mastercard account summary information even if you don’t register for Single Sign-On or register for Mastercard E-Statements!

If you do register for both, you will be required to “Enter your email address” and “Accept Terms” TWICE. Sorry, but there are two platforms involved!

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