Single Sign On

“It’s Me 247” Single Sign-On To Access Your Mastercard® Accountmc

Now, you are able to view basic information about your Credit Card account and use a link in the account detail screen to be redirected to your “Mastercard Account” without having to authenticate a second time.

When you log into “It’s Me 247” Online Banking and click on “Account Summary,” you will see your Credit Card account under a separate section called “Credit Cards.” From here, you can click on the account to view basic details and then click “Manage this card,” which will open a new  browser tab redirecting you to your “Mastercard Account” as if you clicked on “View Mastercard Account” on our homepage (without having to log in again).


The first time you will be asked to go through a short registration process:

  • Enter your email address
  • Agree to the terms and conditions

To get back to “It’s Me 247” Online Banking, close the “Mastercard Account” tab.

Important Note:
Once you choose the Single Sign-On Method of accessing your Mastercard account through “It’s Me 247” Online Banking, you will NO LONGER be able to REGISTER for the Mastercard Account “The Old Way” from our home page. If you registered for access from our home page before, you will continue to be able to access it that way.

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