Learn how to schedule a payment with this video:

Step-by-step directions for scheduling a payment (3 different ways!) are below.


Pay a Single Bill from Bill Pay Home

A single bill can be paid from the Pay & Transfer drop-down area and the bill pay dashboard.

  1. Use the Bill Pay Home icon to access the screen to make a single payment.
  2. You will access Bill Pay Home with a list of your payees.  Click the plus sign (Pay) next to the payee to make a payment.
  3. Enter a payment amount and select a payment date.  Here you can also set up reminders and repetitive payments if desired.
  4. To complete the payment, click the Submit Payment button.
  5. Next you will view the Payments Scheduled screen.  Click the Ok button.

Pay Multiple Bills at One Time

You can pay multiple bills at one time.  View a list of all your payees on the payment dashboard and make paying all your bills a snap.

  1. Pay multiple bills from the Pay & Transfer drop-down menu or Bill Pay Home.
  2. From either location, click the Pay Multiple Bills button (or icon).  You will access the Pay Multiple Bills screen.
  3. Enter the payment amount for each bill you want to pay and the date you want to make the payment. (You can use the calendar feature or just manually enter a date.)  Use the memo field if you want to add text that will appear in the bill pay history.  Use the arrow drop-down to set up recurring payments and notifications.
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and select the Schedule Payments button.
  5. All your payments will be listed on the confirmation screen.  Click the Confirm button.
  6. A listing of the payments you just scheduled will appear on the screen.  Each will indicate whether the bill will be paid by electronic payment or a check payment.
  7. Click the Confirm button to return to see list of Payments Scheduled.

Use Quick Pay to Pay a Single Bill

  1. First hover over My Payees in the Quick Pay area to view a list of all of all payees.
  2. Select the payee that you want to pay from the drop-down listing.
  3. A window will appear to enter your payment information.
  4. Once you enter the information, scroll down the page and click “Schedule Payment”.
  5. Click Okay to complete the payment.  You can also set up payment alerts or make changes to the payment, such as setting up recurring payments, by clicking the appropriate button on this screen.

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