Make a Person to Person (P2P) Transfer

  1. To make a P2P transfer select the Pay Anyone button from the Pay & Transfer drop-down menu.
    • NOTE:  This button will only be available if P2P has been activated by your credit union.
  2. On the screen enter the information needed to send a message to the recipient.  Under Send Method select either Email or Text Message.  Required information will be conditional based on this selection.  The Question and Answer section includes a space for you to enter a security question and its answer.  Only the question is sent to the recipient in the text or email. For security purposes you must relay the answer yourself in a separate communication
  3. Once the information is entered, click the Send Payment button.
  4. A message is sent immediately to the recipient.  You will also receive a confirmation email.

Cancel a P2P Transfer

As long at the recipient has not yet collected on the P2P payment, the payment can be cancelled.

  1. To cancel a payment click the Payment History button.
  2. Click the red X next to the P2P transfer you wish to cancel.  (NOTE:  At this point the recipient has already been sent a message.)
  3. Both you and the recipient will receive notification that the transfer has been cancelled.

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