Learn how to set up an eBill with this video:

Step-by-step directions for setting up an eBill and unenrolling from eBills (and more information on security with eBills, eBill notification, and paying an eBill) are below.

Set Up an eBill

If a payee is eligible for eBills, it will be indicated in red on the Bill Pay Home page.

  1. To enroll, click the text Eligible: Set up ebills.  This moves you to the View Payee page.
  2. Click the Set up eBills button.
  3. There may be multiple divisions of this payee.  Select the appropriate one.
  4. Enter your username and password for your account on the vendor website.
  5. Select your account.
  6. You are now enrolled in eBills.  If a bill is due, it will show on the Bill Pay Home.

Unenroll from eBills

  1. On the screen where you edit the payee click the Stop eBills button.

Security with eBills

If you changes your username or password on the vendor website, you will receive a message in online bill pay stating that your payee credentials have been changed and that you need to reactivate your eBills.

Notifications that an eBill is Due

When the eBill is due, you will receive a notification in several places in online banking.  You will see a notification in the Quick Pay area.  You will also see the amount due in Bill Pay Home.

Pay an eBill

If an eBill is due, it will show on the Bill Pay Home screen.  When you pay the bill, the amount will be pre-populated, but you will be given the opportunity to pay a lesser amount.

The eBills Due section in Quick Pay also lists only eBills with payment is currently due.  The amount due and the due date appear in the drop-down menu.

From the Quick Pay area, you just select the payee from the list and pay the bill, just as you would any other bill from the Quick Pay area.

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