Set or Change the Funding Account (Primary Account)

Your funding account is the primary account used to pay your bills.  This account must be a checking account from your membership (account).  Accounts outside of the membership (or credit union) cannot be selected as funding accounts.

  • You can change to a different checking account at the time you make the payment.
  1. To set up or change the funding account, select the Accounts/Settings button on Bill Pay Home.
  2. You will access a page that displays the account you have selected to be your funding account or allows you to select a funding account.
  3. If an account is not selected yet, select an account from the list.  If you have set up a funding account and have more than one qualifying account, a drop-down menu will appear allowing you to select a different checking account.  If you do not have other qualifying accounts you will not be able to change your selection once a selection is made.
  4. Click the Change Primary Account button.

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