Remote Deposit

New Greater Metro FCU Mobile Banking with Mobile Deposit is Available NOW!

Please Note:

Now you will be using same It’s Me 247 credentials for both Mobile Banking and Mobile Check Deposit

Mobile Banking username/password = “It’s Me 247 Online Banking” username/password If you do not have “It’s Me 247 Online Banking” username/password, please call/email Greater Metro FCU at 718-361-1002 or click here to email us. You will now need it to make Remote Deposits.






Step by Step Instructions to Make a Remote Deposit:


Download the Greater Metro FCU App

Download the Greater Metro FCU Mobile App from either Apple App Store, or Android Google Play on your device. In your store’s search, type in “Greater Metro FCU”, and you will find our app.


Tap “Deposit” in the menu


Tap “Register”

If this is your first time using Remote

Deposit, you will need to register your
account. Simply tap “Register”.
The button will change to

“Pending Registration”
It may take up to 24 hours to have
your account registration approved.




After You Are Approved

If this is your first time using Remote Deposit, you have to accept our User Agreement.








If this is not your first time using Remote Deposit or you have previously registered, click “New Deposit”. There are instructions above your deposit history. Please fully read the instructions as they tell you how to properly endorse your check.




Select an account to deposit the check to from the list of account options. Enter the check amount. Then tap “Continue”.

6 Enter Amount














7 Scan Check

As you take the photos of your check for submission, you will be given tips.

Tip #1
Write “For Mobile Deposit Only” and today’s date on the back of your check. Hold onto the check for a week.

If you have read the tip and properly endorsed the back of your check, you may click, “Next”.




8 back


Confirm the deposit amount and account selection.

Tip #2
Deposit by 11 PM EST and your money will generally be available the same business day.

If all information is correct, click “Submit”.

You submitted your check remotely!
If there was an issue with your check processing, you will receive an email, an error message, and be able to check the status of your check in your check history.



Types of items NOT eligible for Remote Deposit:

  • Third party checks
  • Checks with multiple payees
  • Stale dated checks
  • Government checks
  • Foreign checks
  • Traveler’s checks
  • Checks drawn on the account they are being deposited into
  • Money orders


See some Remote Deposit Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).