Remote Deposit

Greater Metro FCU Mobile Banking and Remote Deposit Capture Available NOW!

2 downloadPlease Note:

Remote Deposit username/password is a separate username/password from Mobile Banking /“It’s Me 247” and can be setup right from your mobile device. (See Step 2)

Mobile Banking username/password = “It’s Me 247 Online Banking” username/password If you do not have “It’s Me 247 Online Banking” username/password, please call/email Greater Metro FCU at 718-361-1002 or click here to email us. You will not need it to make Remote Deposits.


Step by Step Instructions to Make a Remote Deposit:


 Download the Greater Metro FCU App

Download the Greater Metro FCU Mobile App from either Apple App Store, or Android Google Play on your device. In your store’s search, type in “Greater Metro FCU”, and you will find our app.


 Open App and Go to Remote Deposit

3 Remote DepositOpen the app and sign up for Remote Deposit. You will need to create a new username/password, which will be different from your “It’s Me 247 Online Banking” credentials. Username must be between 6 and 20 characters and must start with an alphabetical letter. Remote Deposit password requirements are:

1. 8-20 characters;3.1 signup
2. At least one special character;
3. At least one upper case letter;
4. At least one number;


On the next screen you will be asked for: –“Account Label” – this is a nickname for your account and this is how you will see the account within Remote Deposit. Your account number will not be displayed unless you label it that way. –“Account Type” – you will have to select the type of account you are adding. You can use Remote Deposit only with Greater Metro FCU Checking, HiFi Checking or Money Market accounts. –“Account Number” – your account will have to be in a 9 digit format so please add leading zeroes so your account matches examples below:
3.2 add account

Account is 4 digits long: 004444SSS
Account is 5 digits long: 055555SSS
Account is 6 digits long: 666666SSS

Where SSS is the subaccount number (Usually 080 for Checking, 015 for HiFi Checking, and 091 for Money Market)


Wait for Enrollment Confirmation Email

Your registration will need to be reviewed by the Credit Union and you will receive an email stating “You have been accepted as a new RDC user.” once it is approved.


STEP 44 Make Deposit

After You Are Approved

Go to the app and login to Remote Deposit to make deposits!



5 Deposit AccountSelect Account

-Tap on “Make Deposit”

-Choose your Deposit Account – this is the “Account Label” you created during initial setup.





6 Enter Amount

Enter Amount


– Select “Amount” and enter the dollar value of the check.

Android Devices: Please make sure to include the decimal point and cents for whole dollar amounts (i.e. 5.00)




7 Scan CheckTake a Photo of the Front of the Check

-Lay the check on a flat surface with a contrasting background and take the picture from above. Check should be inside of the 4 white frame marks and in focus.





Review the Check

You can tap “Retake”, if you want to retake photo. Otherwise tap “Use”.


STEP 98 back

Take a Photo of the Back of the Check

Important: Please make sure the back of your check is endorsed. Write your account number and “For Remote Deposit Only”. You do not need to sign the check.

Follow the same steps as you did taking picture of the front of your check.


9 confirmVerify All Information

After you make sure everything is correct, tap “Continue” and you will see a Confirmation Screen.

If this is your first Remote Deposit, you will see End User License and Agreement which you must agree to before making deposits.



After submitting the check image, write “Electronically Presented” on the front of the check and keep it safe for at least 62 days.

You can check the status of your deposit under “Review” section within your App.


Types of items NOT eligible for Remote Deposit:

  • Third party checks
  • Checks with multiple payees
  • Stale dated checks
  • Government checks
  • Foreign checks
  • Traveler’s checks
  • Checks drawn on the account they are being deposited into
  • Money orders


See some Remote Deposit Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).