Card Controls

Debit/ATM Card Lock or Unlock Feature


Can’t find your Debit or ATM Card? You can now lock and unlock your Debit/ATM Card. Simply log into the It’s Me 247 on the mobile app, go to “More”, then “Manage My Cards”.

“Manage My Cards” feature located in “More” tab – allows you to temporarily lock and unlock your Debit or ATM card from mobile app by simply selecting a card from the summary page and following the prompts to lock the card. Once a card is successfully locked, transactions on the card will be denied until the card is unlocked.


When you successfully lock your card, you will be able to see its locked status with a red “Locked” icon. The locked status will be shown on the Card Summary screen when the card is locked, as well as on the Manage My Cards screen.

Cards can be unlocked the same way they were locked, by navigating to the lock screen and tapping “Reactivate Card”.

Under “Manage My Cards” you will also find “Transaction Activity Alerts”  which allow you to activate activity alert (push notifications) on your Debit or ATM card. This FREE service notifies you each time your card is being used, for example once you use your card at the grocery store you will receive a push notification to your device, letting you know of the approval.

As long as you have allowed notifications on your device, you can enable Activity Alerts for the cards in the “Manage My Cards”. Notifications will automatically be disabled for cards until you enable individual cards. While enabling notifications is device specific, the individual settings for each card will be applied to any device set up with your account.

If a you want to limit the amount of alerts you see from your transactions, you can set a threshold to only be notified above a certain amount.

Special Alerts

Some alerts can be enabled regardless of any monetary threshold set by you. These include Card Not Present and Foreign Transactions.

You can see more about these specific transactions by expanding the “I” symbol, and turn them off or on by sliding the toggle switch.






Transactions That Will Not Trigger Alerts

Some transactions that may fall under your configurations may not trigger a push notification to you. Several examples of these include:

  • Transactions that are denied
  • Fuel pump authorizations
  • Credit transactions (i.e. refunds, reversals, deposits)