A New Bill Pay Service! An updated Online Banking Use Agreement!

It's Me 247 Bill Pay
Beginning  March 24, 2016,  Greater Metro members will be utilizing a new Bill Pay Service. Payveris!

All members who are signed up for It’s Me 247 Online Banking will be greeted with a revised Online Banking Agreement when logging in. This is due to the Bill Pay Service change which falls under the Online Banking Agreement. The original agreement was revised on November 16, 2015 to accommodate those Credit Unions who went live with Payveris earlier. We are going live with it now. You will need to Accept the Terms before moving on to your business, regardless of whether you are enrolled in Bill Pay or not. (But you should be!!!!!)

Existing Bill Pay users, please click here to see information about what changed.

New users, click here for information on how to get started using Bill Pay!